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Management and Automation System for Beef Cattle Fattening Farms

• If you have over 200 cattle?
• If  you use EID (Electronical Identification)
• If  you use feed mixers, calf feeding machineries and other systems?
• If  you want to know everything going on in your farm with high accuracy?
• If  you don't want to fit in to simple programs on the market?
• If you need an automation and management system customized for your needs?

Agritrack system is the best solution you may ever have. It is especially designed for the mid-large scale Cattle farms.

Please give us a call or simply send us an e-mail then we can discuss your needs and budget of the project.

Company Highlights
1.1.2009 Banvit’s Choice is AGRITRACK

5.2.2008 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Choosed PETLOG for animal rehabilitation operations.

3.2.2008 TAI uses Velog Cold Chain Management System

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